NFT tokens template for Aeternity

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Recently I completed a bounty listed by Aeternity Blockchain. I created these templates for beginners to start making custom smart contract logic in Sophia programming language on Ae Studio.

  • AeForUsers template for users to send limited money to other users
  • AeUnlockOnTime template works just like above but locks assets for the time
  • FungibleToken To create your own fungible token for Aeternity using AeX9 but supported by Ae Studio Params format.
  • BasicNFT Token template that utilizes ERC721 format also records dictionary of users holdings (you can utilize events later) currently safe transfer not added…

Greetings everyone,

In this post, I will create a blockchain using an example template with the Substrate framework. It will be a substrate create your first chain guide ported to a free cloud development service called Okteto for cloud-native development and testing of our blockchain, which means no local environment setup needed. No need to set up different rust environments locally(releases, versions) or need to have another nodejs installation (versions) to create on this amazing technology.

About Substrate

Substrate is a very flexible framework to create blockchains with defining custom logic for their needs Like storage, consensus, Transaction handling, etc. …

Sedo network was my hackathon project which creates a domain offering marketplace on Ethereum blockchain [Work in progress].

It is based on the idea to register a top-level domain anywhere with any registrar and later verify and park that domain on the Ethereum blockchain where you can choose to sell it or buy already on sale domains.

To work on the example for this tutorial, I would like to choose one of the modules from its verification process. Which is easy to implement in the range of this tutorial.


  • Any domain (Free or Paid) That let you add you TXT…

Greetings Everyone,

I was wondering about other Oracle technologies and I stumbled across Aeternity which is a blockchain technology on its own with many inbuilt features that Ethereum now requires third parties to handle them for its own Technology. Ethereum is a good blockchain and with its current developed protocols migrating to Layer 2 that adds up more user-friendliness to it. While Ethereum Uses Solidity (Programming Language) For its Virtual Machines called EVM, Aeternity Uses Sophia (Programming Language) for its own Virtual Machines called FATE.

One of the main features of Aeternity blockchain is it’s Native Oracle Support. Native oracle…

Greetings Everyone

I am developing three projects which are very similar in their mechanics but require different implementation for each of them. Because they are different products for different use cases.

Starting with: will be a website for users to send/transfer Ethereum native tokens or other Erc20 tokens through social media platforms, Like Twitter for e.g.

Deployed Instance On Kovan (19 days ago from today)

How It Works

  • Users send their cryptocurrency (ETH tokens) to the smart contract with a Twitter username who they want to send currency.

Hello Everyone,

Today’s Objective is to run Chainlink own development environment with Okteto

Okteto cloud is a cloud-native platform to make suitable development environments without the need of installing any dependency on the local machine.

Chainlink network provides your smart contract power to interact with outside Ethereum Chain services (Through APIs).

To learn more please visit their appropriate Websites.

To start we need Okteto cloud account that you can get if you have a GitHub account and their free tier provide more than enough resources required to run a single Chainlink Node.


Setup Database

Go to then click Deploy


I am developer, Developing on different technologies.

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