Create your NFT on top of Aeternity

NFT tokens template for Aeternity

Greetings Everyone,

Recently I completed a bounty listed by Aeternity Blockchain. I created these templates for beginners to start making custom smart contract logic in Sophia programming language on Ae Studio.

  • AeForUsers template for users to send limited money to other users
  • AeUnlockOnTime template works just like above but locks assets for the time
  • FungibleToken To create your own fungible token for Aeternity using AeX9 but supported by Ae Studio Params format.
  • BasicNFT Token template that utilizes ERC721 format also records dictionary of users holdings (you can utilize events later) currently safe transfer not added to give an exercise for users. You can always ping me your questions.

BasicNFT: Non-Fungible Token Template

When you start your Aeternity Studio from the very start (without local storage or cache if you already using it)

You will find there is a template for Non-Fungible Tokens

But you can manually add it too.

The workflow of this template for starters


Deploy/Init: This just is the click on the deploy button on Ae studio compile Contract panel to deploy your contract on test network and Initialize with empty values.

Mint: To create a new token with its unique name and owned by you.

AllTokenOwnedOrNotNow: This returns the list of tokens that are now owned by you (true) or not anymore, transferred or burned (false).

Burn: This burns the tokens, Remove all approvals and owner assigned to it.

Other Methods:

approve allows you to approve an owner for a token that can perform the transfer and burn for you.

approveForToken returns if someone is approved with your token. To Clear Approval, you can approve yourself (your address for the token)

sumOfTokenOwns returns the total number of tokens created by you.

If you have any questions about this. Feel free to ask on the Aeternity forums and tag me @genievot.

I am developer, Developing on different technologies.

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